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Champs girls only session

Everything we do at Champs but wrapped up in a girls only session. 

Female only programs create safe spaces where girls can be themselves, develop resilience, demonstrate their strengths, and learn to treat other women with respect. These programs give girls opportunities to discover commonalities and celebrate differences, while learning to express themselves in a positive manner and explore their world in safe environment.

The Champs Girls Soccer programme is designed to support the evolving profile of Girls Football worldwide. The program will deliver a variety of platforms with a clear understanding of aims and goals to ensure a fun and active experience in all disciplines of the sport. The sessions will cater for beginners and aspiring footballers.

The awareness of girls’ football is growing, and so too are the number of positive role models out there in the women’s game.

At Champs, we believe that football is for ALL and the addition of a girl’s only session helps to target those girls who show an interest, but are more comfortable expressing this in a girls-only environment.